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For our advanced students, we offer teaching at our ongoing weekly classes and courses. Normally our training season continues throughout the year, from August to Midsummer in June, but occasionally we will also organize special events and courses during the Summer months.

We welcome all students who've graduated from our beginners courses to attend our advanced classes.

Advanced classes

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NOTE!   If you wish to attend advanced classes, but are concerned about the ongoing covid-situation and would like to maintain social distancing at our classes, please mention this in your application so we can organize the safest possible teaching for you.



shaolin kungfu 6In August 2020, we will continue last Spring's theme of creating, discovering and developing our own kungfu combat sequences and individual styles of fighting. Using various techniques and strategies, students will be introduced to different ways of applying kungfu for combat, from which they can choose the most effective approaches for their own practical use. In force training and "asking bridges", we will focus on differentiating "soft" and "hard" force. In Spring 2021, students will learn to improve on what they've learned in free sparring.

Additionally, all students will progress and learn new material on their respective levels. Some students will begin weapon practice, along with its relevant force and combat training methodology

taijiquan tai chi taiji 7In Autumn 2020, our advanced students will focus on the Flowing Water, Floating Clouds -set and it's combat application, as well as various methods of internal force training. Our aim is to enable our students to put all the techniques in the set to practical use.

Students will also continue training the Taiji sabre with short combat sequences and weapon practice with partners. In the Spring 2021, we will start training sabre against other weapons.

chi kung qigong 9

Do you wish to access your potential? The themes for our 2021 Spring Chi Kung -training are vitality and peak performance.

At our Spring course, you will learn traditional intenal skills and methods for increasing force and boosting your energy level, which can be applied for the needs of both beginning students as well as advanced practitioners.

In addition, you'll also be familiarized with various ways of practicing and applying a calm, centered mind.

This is a continuation of our Autumn 2020 special course, but all who've completed our fundamental Chi Kung-, Shaolin Kungfu-, Taijiquan- or Zen-course are also welcome to attend!