Chi Flow - Releasing all that no longer serves you

blog 2 waterfallIn the heart of all our Shaolin arts is chi flow.

What is chi flow? "Chi" (or "qi" in romanized Chinese) refers to energy that is necessary to life. Energy flow is a natural phenomenon, that actually happens in all living beings, all the time. When energy flows, we are alive and healthy. When the chi flow is blocked, it manifests as pain or illness, or in worst cases as death.

With the Shaolin arts, ie. Chi Kung, Shaolin Kungfu, Taijiquan and Zen, we can consciously practice the skill of letting go and allowing our natural energy flow in our body to become smoother and more powerful.

When our chi flow is enhanced, our energy levels rise. This enhanced energy flow will be able to clear blockages in our body, and also our mind. Blockages can be physical, emotional or mental, but from the perspective of training it really doesn’t matter which it is, because energy flow will naturally flow where it is needed most.

Chi flow is a wonderful skill, that we can use to overcome any health problem. Many people may have trouble accepting this claim, but it is simple to verify through personal experience and practical benefits derived from correct practice.

In our school, practicing genuine Chi Kung or Kungfu gives us good health, emotional stability and strength, because from the very beginning we teach our students the skill of chi flow.