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2.12.2017 -- Shaolin Kungfu Beginners Course

sifu nessa_kahila
Applications have opened for our next Shaolin Kungfu Beginners course, due to begin on February 7th 2018!

Look for more course announcements for next year.

To apply for the course, click here.


30.10.2017 -- Shaolin Grandmaster to teach in Finland!


Shaolin Grandmaster Sifu Wong Kiew Kit will teach in Finland in January 2018!


Shaolin Winter Camp, the event hosting Grandmaster Wong's visit, will be held from January 22nd to 28th in 2018.

Our courses include all the "Three Treasures" of the original Shaolin tradition, namely Chi Kung, Kungfu and Zen.

Read more at the event website. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

16.8.2017 -- Chi Kung beginners course starts 13.9.2017!

The next Chi Kung Beginners Course will begin on the 13th of September 2017!

You can visit our course pages for more information, and apply for the course here.



27.2.2017 -- The first Shaolin Kungfu Beginners Course of the year

sifu wong kiew kit
Our next Shaolin Kungfu Beginners course is due to begin on March 29th 2017!


To apply for the course, click here.


15.2.2016 -- New Taijiquan Beginners Course starts Mar 14th 2016

sifu nessa_kahila
Our next Taijiquan Beginners course will start March
14th 2016!

In Shaolin Nordic, we teach Taijiquan or Taiji (Tai Chi) as a traditional, internal martial art.

Read more about Taijiquan here, and for more information visit our course pages.

What is Shaolin Wahnam Institute?
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 16:57

shaolin-temple-2Shaolin Nordic is a part of the international Shaolin Wahnam Institute.

Shaolin Wahnam Institute is a worldwide organization to promote the practice of genuine Shaolin arts for health, vitality and personal development, and to spread awareness and correct information about traditional Chinese forms of training.

We offer teaching tailored for individuals as well as businesses in:

For excellent health, vitality and personal development

For self defense, comprehensive development and successful living

For mind development, application and spiritual cultivation

Browse this site for extensive information about our work. Also please feel welcome to contact us directly - we're happy to answer your questions!


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